A warm welcome to our new colleague Koen!

Welcome to our marketing & strategy director: Koen van Riel.

Koen comes from Tilburg in Southern Netherlands. He has a Master in Strategic Management from the Tilburg School of Economics and Management and has extensive international experience.

Prior to joining Skyne, Koen studied, worked and lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Amsterdam, before landing in Dubai. Koen has been a board member of an academic consultancy firm, worked as a strategy consultant with the Operations Strategy Group at KPMG near Amsterdam, and has worked with people from 50 different countries in Dubai as a tennis professional. He has a strong interest in marketing, entrepreneurship and business strategy.

He is deeply inspired by the mindset of the UAE; “we make it happen”. He is passionate about learning new things, connecting with people and taking on new challenges. Koen also loves discovering new restaurants, playing sports and having engaging conversations, so be ready to speak about every aspect of life with a cup of coffee (or tea).

“My first connection with Skyne was fascinating. I was instantly interested in the work they do and got enthusiastic about joining their team from the very first time I heard about Skyne. Their strategic forward-thinking and creative work awakened a desire in me to contribute to their success story, and taking it further. Going back to my roots by joining a Dutch entrepreneurial company feels very natural to me as if I’m coming home. By joining Skyne, my main focus will be helping companies grow their brands. Plus, I will explore opportunities to develop their business activities further.”

“At Skyne, we are always looking for bringing talents that are complementary to our existing skills”, said, Dennis de Rond, owner of Skyne. “We constantly seek people who will challenge our comfort zone and nurture our mindset with new sources of inspirations and ways of doing things. That’s the main reason why we felt connected to Koen. We believe he will bring a fresh perspective to what we do, and help us further develop our marketing and strategic advisory expertise with our existing and future clients.”