A warm welcome to our new intern, Fatima!

Fatima Saif Salim Aldah is 23 years old, an Emirati student from Zayed University, Dubai. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Sciences and is specialized in Integrated Strategic Communications.

She enjoys travelling a lot and exploring the world. She likes to make new friends during her travels and experience different cultures, Fatima has also volunteered in many government institutions and organizations.

She gets her motivation from her parents and her eldest sister.

Fatima has experience in social media communication and she is currently assisting in managing the social media platforms of Skyne, Fatima is interested in enriching her experience and knowledge and learn more about research, strategy & marketing.

“I expect to learn the strategy and marketing for business, improve communication skills, and business knowledge.”

Her first impression about Skyne was;

“I am very impressed by how hardworking the team is, everything is on time and organized. I have seen some of the work Skyne did, and I’m very proud of that. Working with Skyne will help me in learning about client research.”

We asked Fatima how did her first week go;

“I learnt a lot in the first week, how to research a new upcoming brand, develop a communication plan and I learnt new techniques on how to handle social media, I’m excited that I got the chance to know more about Skyne and the amazing projects created, I would love to get more in-depth knowledge about branding and strategy.”

Fatima fits our team like a glove, and we wish her a great time at Skyne!