Approved training company: a title Skyne is proud of.


From today Skyne has been included in the Register of Recognized Training Companies in The Netherlands. Schools consult this register to find suitable learning companies for their students. With this registration we emphasize the importance of training in practice.

The future of craftsmanship
In The Netherlands, the law requires secondary education
(MBO) students to follow the practical part of their education at a recognized training company. Approved training companies are a prime example of the industry. By helping to train students, they make an essential contribution to the future of craftsmanship.

Good training companies are indispensable
At Skyne students become acquainted with the practice and learn what is expected of them. An expert trainer from Skyne is appointed to guide and train the student in practice. During a number of months, the student works at Skyne about four days a week and goes to school one day a week.

We are officially responsible for the implementation of professional training. We invest time, space and resources in our trainees and we keep records of the progress. Our experts pass on professional knowledge to young people who will soon form the foundation of the industry. We believe that it is our duty to give students the best practical training with the prospect of a job.

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