Blog: It is all about imagination

As Einstein put it: “Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.”


Imagination is essential in creation. But what is imagination? And does it come naturally or can it be taught? The greatest artists of our planet take inspiration from what is surrounding them. In this article we try to open your eyes for artistic imagination in daily life and develop your so-called artist eye.


Everyday, we come across many shapes, textures, figures and objects. In nature, our office, homes, gardens, on the street, basically everywhere we go. The art of imagination is to discover new dimensions of the ordinary. Be curious, take a look at an object for a bit longer, look up, down, closer or zoom out. Dare yourself to find a different perspective to things … Because in essence that is what imagination is, it not something predefined, it is you opening your eyes and discover.


We have been inspired by the book of Peter Jenny (The artist’s eye; learning to see) and strongly believe adding a little imagination to daily life makes the world a bit more creative (and thus, a happier) place.

Ben Hicham and Tialda Frölich