Daan Roosegaarde visits Skyne

The Dutch creative community is always open to exchanging ideas and collaboration. That was confirmed once again when Daan Roosegaarde visited us in our Skyne Dubai office last Thursday. Daan shared the ideas and stories behind his projects in the immersive and inspiring way he is known for. Together, we had a discussion about Dutch design and what innovative concepts like Daan’s could mean for and add to the Gulf region.


Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde is a creative thinker and maker of social designs which explore the relationship between people, technology, and space. Since an early age, Roosegaarde has been driven by nature’s gifts such as light emitting fireflies & jellyfishes and calls the connection established between ideology and technology ‘techno-poetry’. His fascination for nature and technology is reflected in his iconic designs such as Gates of Light (layers of light and interaction on the iconic Dutch Afsluitdijk), Glowing Lines (glow in the dark lines on a highway), Windlicht (energy generating kites) and the Smog Free Project.


From his ’Studio Roosegaarde’ Daan curates challenges that have the idealistic aim to make the world a better place. Whether it be by aesthetics or really making a profound change in the environment. For instance, Roosegaardes ‘Smog Free Project’ consists of a tower that cleanses the air nearby, using positive ionization. Roosegaarde incorporated the collected pollutants into jewelry to fund and publicize the project. He is now working on a smog filtering bicycle

Collective knowledge
We at Skyne believe that inviting people from outside in and sharing insights is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date, get inspired and really take that extra step towards being a visionary in branding in design. We’re grateful that we have had that opportunity together with Daan.

Daan’s visit was made possible by the Dutch Design Center. Along with the Skyne team, people involved in Dutch design were also invited to join.