Roel inspires Al Turki Holding’s employees


Last week one of our directors, Roel Vos, was a speaker at the 7th communication day of Al Turki Holding based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The objective of the event was to inspire the employees of Al Turki Holding and its subsidiaries about different subjects that are related to their daily work. This year, branding was one of the main pillars.

During the event, Roel discussed the meaning and importance of branding and showed the audience how a brand is quite similar to people; they both have an identity and a reputation. He, therefore, explained how employees play a significant role by maintaining a consistent message, by living the brand and by influencing the image of an organization. Furthermore, topics such as being relevant to your target audience and staying ahead of developments were on the agenda, because unlike people, brands don’t age; they anticipate the signs of our time and innovate around the right trends.

Aside from providing insights and inspiring examples, Roel had an interaction with Al Turki Holding’s employees about their crucial role in the positioning and image of their brand, which resulted in actionable takeaways.

Grateful for being invited to speak at the conference Roel states: “I received a very warm welcome from the Al Turki family and employees, and I want to thank them sincerely for their hospitality and kindness; it was an amazing experience”.