Our CEO Siegrid is to speak at the Women & Leadership event

On the 11 December 2018, our CEO Siegrid Althuizen will be participating in a Women & Leadership discussion organised by the embassy of the Netherlands in the UAE. The debate will cover ‘Growth Stories’ from inspiring leading women from the private and public sector in the Middle East. Siegrid was asked to participate in this event to share her personal story and experiences to support the attending entrepreneurs and future leaders in their professional and personal development.
Global research from DDI Leadership assessment & development shows that there is no difference in the battle of the sexes for leadership skills. So, this raises the question of ‘why there are not more women working at top level positions?’. Siegrid will discuss the answer during the morning session. To her, leadership success is about your attitude and not so much about your gender. A true entrepreneurial spirit requires refusing to quit when things get tough. It is about empowering your employees, helping them to set goals and accomplish these so that your organisation will thrive in ways that create value. 
Skyne’s participation comes as part of our role in supporting entrepreneurs in their professional and personal development. A selected group of entrepreneurs is invited to attend. Please contact us if you are interested in joining.