Skyne creates Dutch Design Center’s new website

The Dutch Design Center (DDC) is an online and offline platform that brings the best of Dutch design to the Middle East. One and a half year after its launch, DDC’s communication goals were gradually moving from creating awareness to building a community. In order to do so, DDC needed a renewal of its website, both visually and functionally.

Skyne developed a new website that transforms DDC from a ‘sending entity’ to an interactive platform with a clearly defined member structure. Furthermore, the website needed to move from a more corporate appeal to a fresher colour-scheme and build-up that would truly underpin the values and characteristics of Dutch Design: innovative, minimalistic, and with a sense of humour.

We determined that the DDC community would be the hero of the website and therefore we gave each member the option to present themselves in the most engaging way. Members can now show their interest in attending DDC’s events which will stimulate meetups and collaborations among the community, which is one of the main purposes of DDC.

We are very proud of the end-result, and the number of members has been growing since the launch.


So how did we create the new website?




We started the process by investigating the needs and user behaviour of DDC’s audience.



From here, we created wireframes and aligned short messages.



The wireframes we further developed into a design with visual elements and photos.

About Dutch Design Center:


DDC is designed to spark collaborations and here to help the Dutch creative sector in the Middle East grow. The center is a collaborative effort of leading Dutch firms: HunterDouglas, Keller Kitchens, Royal Ahrend and Skyne.

In 2016, the founders decided to work together and combine their strengths to promote and achieve economic growth of the Dutch creative sector in the Middle East. Next to being the proud co-founder of DDC Skyne is responsible for its strategy, branding, positioning, and communication.