Teaching in5 members how to develop an elevator pitch

As a proud partner of in5 Skyne organises a number of mentorship and training sessions in various fields. Last week, our Marketing & Strategy Director Sylvia hosted an interactive workshop which revolved around the key ingredients of a winning elevator pitch.

The workshop covered topics such as how to spark interest in your company, ideas or projects, how your elevator pitch should be understandable by everyone and how to keep it short and to-the-point. “A solid pitch will allow you to distill down to the purest form exactly who you are and what you offer. Often a short, persuasive message like this is considered a sales pitch, but it will help you in many more ways; from creating a short message for your homepage to presenting yourself in network meetings, telephone conversations, and so on”, Sylvia stated.


Not only did we share tips and tricks, we also looked into the pitching challenges of each member attending and provided specific ideas on how to improve their message. Something we hope they take home and use in their own professions and businesses.