Welcome to our new team members!

We are happy to announce the newest and youngest members of our team: Reema Al Yemni as our Brand Strategist, Maryam Al Maktoum as our Graphic Design Intern and Gizem Ozen as our Strategy Intern.

About Reema

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Reema recently graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a bachelor degree in Design Management. She wasn’t patient enough to wait after graduation, so her passion for launching new brands encouraged her to start young. She has been working with a number of clients in Dubai, Riyadh and Boston.

“As a Design Management graduate, I learned to look at the creative environment in different perspectives; a business outlook and a creative one. This has helped me attain a skill set that cultivates two sides of every design process. I am quite intrigued by the entrepreneurial spirit of Skyne and by its organic work atmosphere, where creativity and innovation bounce off the walls”.


About Maryam

Maryam is an Emirati Graphic Design student at Zayed University who is interning at Skyne for six weeks. Born and raised in Dubai, Maryam tends to work quietly on creative projects focusing on branding and logo design. She uses a variety of skills that support her graphic design work such as photography, drawing, video making and printmaking.

“The world around us is rapidly changing where designing plays a huge role in these quick changes. As an artist and graphic designer, I feel like my job is to express and connect my work to our culture as a reminder and preservation of our heritage. I tend to get inspired by my past and present by connecting them both together.”


About Gizem

Gizem is 23 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands and studies Management, Economy and Law at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. She will strengthen the team for a period of six months. During her studies, she worked part-time as a sales representative at a fashion business and made an active contribution in maintaining customer relationships, assisting the customer service department and handling sales orders.

“After visiting Skyne during the international week in Dubai, which was a part of my study, I decided to apply for the position of Strategy intern. The international character combined with the remarkable Dutch business culture really attracted me. I can describe myself as an ambitious and creative person. Finishing my education, I aspire to build up my own international fashion brand.


We wish Reema, Maryam and Gizem all the best and an unforgettable experience with us!