Blog: How a creative approach energizes visionary branding

In a world of ever-increasing competition for the consumer’s attention, brands have to constantly innovate just to stand out. They have to constantly re-imagine how their purpose can come to life.

The changing market landscape has sparked the need to provide a clear promise to consumers; the need to create extraordinary experiences that generate desire, establish loyalty and influence purchase decisions. Many brands are currently redefining their vision on the future and determining how to make their brand culturally relevant. Brands such as Apple, Google, Coca Cola and Nike serve as an example for providing great customer experiences. Many brands succeed, however in our opinion, brand experience is often seen as a short term activity and being treated like any other activation. One of the reasons why we launched Skyne is to move beyond one-off activations and to help our clients with a long term vision, providing direction and creating cultural relevance. Ensuring that their brands have life. Day in, day out, now and in the future.

Our own recent rebrand and expansion is an example of how we see the world and approach current and future challenges. Anticipating on the changed global market landscape, our core areas of expertise and the needs of our clients, we decided it was time for a renewed direction as well as a sustainable business model to serve our clients in the best way. Like all of our clients we wanted to be remarkable; we had the desire to stay ahead of the game.

So how would you approach such a strategic challenge within a short time frame? Because we believe innovation is found at the boundaries between disciplines, we united people with different skills and mindsets to come up with the solution. Making use of the strengths of each, we determined our renewed direction from strategic insights and creative imagination. We looked beyond the obvious, explored a broad range of possibilities and identified significant, sustainable opportunities in order to make informed decisions about the most promising paths to pursue. By connecting the dots, we created coherence and turned everything into a bigger picture story. 
We came to the conclusion that our name didn’t meet our renewed vision and identity anymore. Based on our values and approach we determined that “Skyne” was the logical name for us. It means “to shine bright” in one of the official languages in the Netherlands, the country where we first started our firm.

Our new tagline “Visionaries in Branding and Design” underlines how we think and how we approach our client’s challenges in order to keep them one step ahead in an ever-changing world. Because that is our purpose, our mission and the reason why we exist. Moving brands and businesses forward in order to meet tomorrow’s customer needs.

Together we crafted our new future, piece by piece, until it fit. In the end our direction was presented with logic and structure, supported by a clear rationale. Ideas were transformed into strategy, design and guidelines for our employees to “live our brand”. And that’s exactly what you should expect when working with us.

Siegrid Althuizen, CEO of Skyne