Patrick teaches DD&FC members how to develop and evaluate a brand concept

Yesterday we were delighted to visit Dubai Design & Fashion Council for yet another Skyne workshop. This time our Design Director Patrick Kos explained to the council members how to develop and evaluate a brand concept.

Creating a powerful and relevant brand starts with creating a proper brief for your designer. Something that is often overlooked by those that are starting a company.
Not having a clear design brief is similar to when you are going grocery shopping for someone else. You know they want two bell peppers, a loaf of bread, cheese, and cereal. You grab the list, head to the store and quickly realize you don’t know what kind of cereal or cheese they want.
Communication with designers, though, is sometimes a challenge itself. We know, ‘we designers come from a different planet’, as Patrick stated.

That is why he let the audience pick his brain on how agencies would like to be briefed. He also showed how he evaluates his designs and which steps he takes toward a relevant brand concept. By sharing initial briefings and design results and discussing them, the members got a sneak peek into the process of creating and evaluating branding and design. Something we hope they take home and use in their own professions and businesses.