HEMA takes Abu Dhabi

Great news for the UAE Dutch community and for everyone who prefers a little sparkle in their everyday life. HEMA, the famous Dutch retailer, has opened its first store outside of Europe in the UAE. The store opening in Mushrif Mall (Abu Dhabi) is considered a soft launch and will be followed by an official launch with many additional stores opening in the UAE and the region.
In the past few months, our team has partnered with the lovable brand to pave the way for their transition into the UAE. Our methodology included researching the local market to gain insight into the behaviours and perceptions of the target audience. It also included identifying trends & opportunities that must be considered to have an impactful presence in the region.
Part of our support to HEMA was the adaptation phase which involved localising the HEMA brand and communication strategy based on local insights, yet remaining faithful to the values of the HEMA brand. This is more than just an Arab translation; it’s finding the key ingredients to engage with the target audience and connecting with them on an emotional level.
These type of projects come as a result of our ongoing efforts to support Dutch businesses successfully enter the Middle East.
About Hema
Established in Amsterdam in 1926 HEMA has a passion: to make daily life easier and more fun. The Dutch brand believes that great quality and design should be available to everyone at a great price. At the moment, there are more than 750 stores in nine countries which offer a unique range of hardware, food, and fashion.