Revealing the past secrets of Sharjah

We are excited to share our latest project: A campaign that captures Sharjah’s rich heritage and its discovered history.

The Sharjah Archeology museum is one of the many museums located in Sharjah. It offers a unique view of the rich heritage and history of Sharjah. The museum displays artifacts found in the area since the early excavations in 1973. The artifacts provide a glimpse of the lifestyle of the regions’ inhabitants from the stone age, modern ages, and the eras following


Job to be done
We were approached to create a powerful campaign that clearly express and highlights what the museum stands for and that engages with its target audience.

Presenting the “old” in a “new” way
We started by investigating the market and identifying, differentiators, best practices and opportunities. The conclusion was that the best way to approach this project was to develop a concept that captures the “old” in a “new and modern” way. We came up with three creative concepts all focusing on the artifacts and highlighting them in a bold and vibrant way.

Sharjah’s past secrets revealed
The chosen concept was titled Revelation. The concept communicates the unearthing of artifacts lost in time, deep underground, bringing them to the surface and into the light. The visuals are built around the shape of the light coming out of an excavators’ torch and revealing what is hidden in the dark.


A very important part of the project was coming up with a memorable tagline that summarizes the overall objective of the campaign.

“Our past secrets revealed
أكتشف أسرار ماضينا.”