RAK Chamber & Skyne showcase ‘How Creativity Brings Business Success’ at exclusive event

RAS AL KHAIMAH, UAE, 11th May 2016

RAK Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with multi award-winning Dutch creative agency Skyne, brought the region’s leading business and creative masterminds under one roof to initiate a unique forum for discussion on the importance of creativity and bonding in today’s business environment. Aimed at both private and public sectors companies nationwide, the event provided key insights from industry experts including Averda, General Electric Healthcare and RAK Free Trade Zone. The event was attended by over a 100 distinctive guests.

The event started off with a keynote from the founding partner of Skyne, Dennis de Rond, who shared examples of what branding is, the role perception plays in consumers’ mindset and how it relates to innovation. He exemplified this by pointing out the reasoning behind the different price points between Masafi, Evian and VOSS water bottles. This was followed by a speech from Skyne’s Marketing & Strategy Manager, Arjen Bemmelmans, who highlighted the importance of insights, strategy and a solid approach to business success by employing his expansive experience as an internet entrepreneur during the mid-90s. Up next was Averda’s Marketing Director, Philippa Charlton, who showed the importance branding played within her own organization by juxtaposing the old identity and marketing collaterals of Averda with the new, to stress the difference all whilst considering these comparisons against the backdrop of a brand’s core methodology. According to her, “The best brands have remarkable creativity that breaks through people’s wall of indifference”.

The Exhibit Leader of General Electric Healthcare, Eva Streich, then talked to the audience about how her company has stayed strong within the market since over 130 years. She pointed out key factors such as product innovation and how a brand must constantly adapt and enhance their portfolio in order to stay relevant and effective. “We let customers talk about their experience with us rather than talk about it ourselves”, said Eva. Bringing an end to the keynote speeches was Shant Tengerian from RAK Free Trade Zone, who used the example of his own organization to show the efforts and thought process that goes behind a brand revamp. The event was concluded with a panel discussion that looked to find the different core differences between innovation and creativity in today’s changing times.

Speaking on the occasion of the turnout and the day’s events, Dennis de Rond, Founding Partner at Skyne, said: “This was a wonderful opportunity for us all to share real insights into branding and creativity using our diverse experience. Not only was it an educational tool for the audience, but it was a highly enriching experience for everyone involved. Skyne was honored to have been asked to take part in this event and hope that we were able to provide the local and regional businesses with the guidance that they can utilize on a daily basis.”