Skyne’s brand strategy expert Arjen Bemmelmans participates in the NBC Dubai’s ‘Holland branding’ event

Every month, the Netherlands Business Council (NBC) Dubai organizes a network event centered around a specific and relevant theme. On September 4th, Skyne’s brand strategy expert Arjen Bemmelmans was invited to shed his light on developing the “Netherlands brand” in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).

How can we create an authentic brand for the Netherlands in the GCC? In which way can Dutch companies in UAE and the region benefit from this brand? How can we promote the Dutch expertise and innovation in this region? Why is an influencer strategy important to achieve this?


These questions were central to the event. Bemmelmans contributed to the theme with an individual presentation on destination branding, one of Skyne’s core areas of expertise, which he illustrated by the highly successful Mleiha case. Also, he took part in the panel discussion.

Bemmelmans: “An important part of branding is building a strong reputation. This means that you have to consistently deliver on your brand's promise. To build a strong brand for the Netherlands in the GCC, it is crucial that the Dutch companies that are active in the region, contribute by delivering on a mutual promise.”

Other speakers included branding and communication experts from Procter and Gamble and Holland+You. The event attracted over a 100 distinctive guests from the Dutch business community in Dubai and the Northern United Arab Emirates.