Siegrid inspires Dutch companies to enter the Middle East

Today our CEO Siegrid Althuizen is at Road2TheMiddleEast event in Tilburg, the Netherlands to represent the UAE as keynote speaker and moderator. The objective of this event is to inspire Dutch companies and entrepreneurs to expand to the Middle East.

That is why Siegrid will talk about the opportunities and developments in the market, explain the way business is done in the UAE but also share her personal experiences as an entrepreneur and as a woman. 
“I’m honored to be chosen as the representative for the UAE. It’s nice to see that there’s a growing interest in our region and lots of Dutch people joining this event. Completely understandable when you see all that is happening in the region at the moment. 
I am more than willing to show people why they should come here, but also eliminate some prejudices and show the advantages of living and working here.”

We as Skyne warmly welcome new Dutch companies to the Middle East and are always open to discuss the options we have to help them with doing business in a successful way in the UAE (read more about it in Dutch here).