Supporting the Restaurants and Cafes Association (Qoot) of Saudi Arabia with a new branding and digital experience

Qoot (part of Mukatafa Group), is the first association bridging the gap between the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia. “Qoot” which literally means “food” in Saudi dialect, aims to further support and develop the restaurants and cafés industry in Saudi Arabia, as part of a bigger vision to transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a diversified socio-economic system as per the leadership of HH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Under the supervision and management of CEO Waleed al Saud, Qoot has approached Skyne to relaunch the association into a bolder brand driven by a bigger purpose that is culturally relevant in the current Saudi context, and able to connect with various stakeholders that are shaping the local restaurants and cafés industry.

Qoot aims to be the common platform to support the R&C industry and its members by launching various initiatives and programs. They drive employment, upskill the workforce, support the local content, increase social responsibility, provide guidance and resources, advocate for the entire industry and build a regulatory framework with the cooperation of government bodies.

People from the industry can join the platform by becoming a Qoot member. After becoming a member, they have the opportunity to access localized content to enhance their business (rules & regulations, knowledge & resources) and they will be able to connect with various sector leaders and peers that face similar challenges through events.


How Skyne helped Qoot


Skyne was commissioned to build a brand strategy before translating that into a cutting-edge and inspiring brand identity that could capture the core essence of the brand and the spirit of its people who are leading it, and help the communications better stand out from the crowded media landscape, as well as making the brand offline and online friendly, in a holistic way.

Skyne has crafted the new brand under the bold platform named “Responsible Growth”:

Saudi Arabia restaurants and cafes industry into a new era of prosperity, prominence and participation, enhancing the quality of life of all we serve; Qoot believes that growth goes hand-in-hand with the social impact that will benefit all the key players within the ecosystem.

Skyne was also commissioned to design the website in order to make the new brand identity implemented on the most important online platform to connect investors, employees and regulators from the restaurants and cafes sector to drive the business growth and sustainability.




Qoot was successfully relaunched in Saudi Arabia and allowed all stakeholders to better understand the role that Qoot plays within the current economical context, and enhanced brand visibility with bespoke and inspiring communications. Moreover, Qoot has also been able to increase its members and subscribers. Skyne is proud to have worked with Qoot and its people in order to help the R&C community become bigger and bigger to achieve the predefined objectives and Saudi 2030 vision.

“Skyne invests a lot of time to really understand your challenge. They take your thinking to the next level and make it more focussed. They shape your strategy in a better way than what you had in mind. Skyne kept us on our toes, they are quick, so we had to become quick as well. Lastly and most important is the quality of the deliverables it was beyond our expectations. We see Skyne as a real business partner.”

– Waleed al Saud – CEO, Mukatafa